How To Fish Plastic Worms For Bass?

There are a variety of plastic worms available, each of which may be rigged in a variety of ways; nevertheless, there are primarily two ways to fish with plastic worms for bass.The most important thing to remember when you are fishing near any kind of cover is to pitch and flip the worm along the edges and within the cover.You will have a better chance of discovering bass if you look inside as well as around the cover.

What are the best hooks for soft plastic worm fishing?

This approach of fishing with a soft plastic worm performs exceptionally well in the springtime. Additionally, it is highly effective when fishing early in the morning during the early summer months. Depending on the length of the worm, hook sizes 3/0 to 5/0 work the best for this particular approach.

How to rig a soft plastic worm rig?

This is the method of rigging a soft plastic worm that is used the most frequently.To get started with the setup, just slip a sinker in the shape of a bullet onto the line.After that, affix the hook of your choosing to the end of the line.When using this method, an O’Shaughnessy bent worm hook is the type of hook that works best.

Determine the optimal hook size by taking into consideration the size of the worm being used.

How to rig a worm for drop shot fishing?

Use the normal weedless rigging procedure when fishing with hooks that have straight shanks. The video that follows shows professional angler Aaron Martens of the Major League Fishing discussing the many ways that a worm may be rigged for use with a dropshot rig. The Ned rig is the most up-to-date of all of these different fishing approaches for plastic worms.

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