How To Make Earrings Out Of Plastic Toys?

  • In order to put it all together, you will need two little plastic toys, earring hooks, a couple of jump rings (mine are from a broken necklace), a candle, a thick needle or pin, and pliers (or anything else you have lying around).
  • Warm up the needle by holding it over the candle.
  • You will need to insert the heated needle into the portion of the plastic toy that will serve as the hanger for the earring.

How do you make small toys into earrings?

After opening a jump ring, thread it through the opening, attach an earring hook to the jump ring, and then shut the jump ring. I affixed three little dinosaurs to mine by using jump rings and the same technique to poke holes in each of them, and then I wore them. For your second earring, just repeat Steps 1 through 3 one more. And ta-da!

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