What Is A Plastic Comb Book?

  1. Comb Binding, often referred to as Cerlox Binding or Surelox Binding, is a method of bookbinding that employs the usage of a cylinder-shaped piece of plastic that features a number of curved tines running down its length.
  2. Because this stiff plastic shape, which forms the spine of the book, would seem like a hair comb if it were not shaped into a cylinder, the Comb Binding technique got its name from this similarity.

Is comb binding the same as spiral binding?

Comb binding has the advantage over spiral binding in that it makes it simpler to add or remove pages than it would be with a spiral bound book. On the other hand, in contrast to a spiral bound book, a comb bound book does not have the ability to open all the way around. Only in the regular open posture is it able to rest completely flat.

What is the difference between spiral bound and plastic comb?

According to our research, the durability of coil is substantially higher than that of comb. The material that constitutes the coil is more substantial and robust. Additionally, it feeds via tiny round holes that run the whole length of the edge, as opposed to the bigger rectangular holes that are drilled in the process of comb binding, which are spaced further apart from one another.

Is comb binding good?

The use of comb binding is an effective method for binding a wide variety of materials, including reports, handbooks, telephone directories, and virtually anything else. When the book is opened, comb-bound volumes lie completely flat; however, they cannot fold back on themselves; this is especially true for heavier books since the comb binding prevents them from doing so.

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How many pages should a comb binding be?

Comb binding

Inches Millimeters Sheets of paper
5/8′ 16 mm 125
3/4′ 20 mm 150
7/8′ 22 mm 175
1′ 25 mm 200

Can you use spiral binding with a comb binding machine?

Can I use other kinds of binding materials, such as spiral coils, with the comb binding machine that I purchased? Sadly, this is not the case. Comb binding machines are only compatible with plastic combs because of their design. On the other hand, there are various machines on the market that have the capability of binding papers using either wire or combs.

Which is better WIRO binding or spiral binding?

  1. Wire-O Bound books are utilized for displays of information that are intended to be more official, orderly, and professional.
  2. In a manner analogous to that of spiral binding, the pages may be flipped back on themselves in a complete circle without causing any damage to the spine.
  3. On the other hand, spiral binding is more durable than wire-o binding.
  • The looped metal wire is what’s used in wire binding.

What is perfect book binding?

The procedure of perfect binding is one that is utilized frequently by printers and bookmakers. In this method, groups of pages are bound together using glue in order to produce a printed output that is spotless, crisp, and professional.

What does plastic comb book mean on Amazon?

It indicates that the pack contains one hundred plastic combs in total. Up to 55 pages or sheets can be stored in each comb.

How do you remove a plastic binding comb?


  1. Place the book that needs to be edited on top of the comb opener, making sure that the side of the comb that is open is facing up and that the spine of the comb is positioned beneath the tines of the comb opener
  2. Make use of the handle on the binding to carefully open the plastic binding comb
  3. Take out and either replace or eliminate the pages you don’t want in the book

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