Synthane G7 Machining

Silicone Industrial Grade Laminate -G7

Silicone laminate grade G7 glass cloth reinforced silicone’s natural color is typically cream to white. Composed of a continuous glass woven cloth base impregnates with silicone resin binder, this grade has excellent heat and arc resistance. Silicone thermosets are among the best polymers for high temperature. Hence, silicone is broadly used for high temperature electronic applications requiring low electrical losses. Silicone is not as strong as epoxies and industrial laminates (phenolics), upon aging at lower temperatures but is stronger upon aging over 400 deg F. G7 has extremely good dielectric loss properties under dry conditions and good electrical properties under humid conditions, although the percentage of change is high. We have Silicone Laminate G7 and synthane G7 machining materials available in sheet, rod, film, and tube for all applications.

Certifies to :

  • MIL-I-24768/17 GSG