Handling & Conveying

Bulk material handling applications require wear-resistant, low friction components to provide easy, friction-less movement in conveyors and feeders.  Plastics are an ideal material to use in these applications.  They provide high wear performance, high strength to weight ratios and low friction operation.  In addition, they offer corrosion, chemical and heat resistance and self-lubrication for continued high performance and low maintenance.

Plastics are used for a number of components in material handling equipment, including:

  • Sprockets
  • Gears
  • Rollers
  • Augers
  • Bearings
  • Guards
  • Tanks

For over 40 years, Nationwide Plastics has been a leading distributor of mechanical and engineered plastics to the material handling industry. Nationwide offers custom manufacturing services and can manufacture your plastic part or component in our fully equipped machine and fabrication shop.  We machine only plastic parts and have the expertise to manufacture the large parts required for high volume processing and bulk material handling.