Recreation & Outdoor

Lightweight, durable plastic composites are replacing steel, aluminum and fiberboard in the manufacture of recreational and outdoor products.  These materials are durable and cost efficient, and can be molded and decorated for use by a wide range of end products.  These products include:

  • Recreational vehicles
     – bodies, interior skins, furniture and built-ins, as well as engine components
  • Outdoor furniture – tables, chairs, benches and cushions that will resist moisture, high temperature and sun damage
  • Playgrounds – molded plastic playground equipment, for backyards, schoolyards, parks and commercial operations.
  • Tents and camping equipment – high strength and lightweight equipment for camping, hiking and climbing
  • Sports equipment – skis, skateboards, fishing equipment, boating equipment.

The versatility of plastics makes it an ideal material for these applications, replacing metals and woods that rust and warp and do not perform as well over time.

Nationwide Plastics offers a complete line of plastics materials that are ideal for outdoor and recreational products.  Our experienced staff will assist you in selecting the best material for your application, whether it’s a plastic for skateboards or sheeting to use as the interior skin in a luxury recreational vehicle.