The semiconductor industry requires components manufactured from materials with a unique combination of conductive, shielding, insulating and heat resistant properties.  High performance plastics exhibit the required properties and provide semiconductor manufacturers with the ideal materials for both end products and as parts in the processing equipment used to manufacture the semiconductors.  The manufacturing process for semiconductors exposes the processing equipment to high temperatures, abrasive solutions and chemicals.  In addition, the manufacturing environment must be pristine and contaminant-free.  Plastics exhibit the required resistance to corrosion and temperature extremes and can be cleaned to maintain a cleanroom environment.

Components in semiconductors that are manufactured of plastics include:

  • Shielding films
  • Laminates
  • Flexible connectors

Plastics can be manufactured to custom shapes and sizes in micro and super-micro sizes for miniature circuits and plastic films can be manufactured to custom thicknesses without sacrificing performance.

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