Vaccum – Forming

Thermoformed plastics are used to manufacture products as diverse as kiosks and packaging enclosures for pills. The most common manufacturing method for these products is vacuum forming, in which a heated sheet of plastic is stretched over a mold and held in place by applying a vacuum between the mold surface and the plastic sheet. Thin films are used to manufacture small products such as packaging enclosures. Heavy gauge materials are used to replace metals, fiberglass and injection molded plastics for larger products such as kiosks and enclosures.

Some products manufactured using vacuum forming are:

  • Signs
  • Kiosks and automated teller machines
  • Enclosures for machinery
  • Enclosures for medical equipment, including MRI machines and equipment housings
  • Engine covers
  • Vehicle dashboards, components and trim
  • Interior trim and seat components for trains and buses
  • Decorative trim
  • Packaging for pills and point of purchase items
  • Trays

Vacuum-formed products can be of any shape, from simple enclosures to complex shapes for kiosks and decorative trim.

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