Heavy Equipment

Plastics are used by heavy equipment manufacturers due to their high wear, high impact resistance and high strength properties.  In addition, their resistance to corrosion and rust allow them to perform better than comparable metal materials.  Plastic components are used in motors and parts that require frictionless movement, such as shafts and hydraulic sleeves.

Heavy duty plastics are used for:

  • Truck and trailer linings
  • Bins
  • Hoppers
  • Dump trailers.

These plastics are able to handle difficult materials, such as asphalt, sludge, salt and coal, without corroding, breaking or cracking.  Plastics’ high temperature resistance allows these products to perform well in temperature extremes, whether from the material, such as heated asphalt, or the weather.  Using plastic liners and equipment reduces downtime, clean-up and increases the efficiency of the equipment’s operation.

Heavy equipment manufacturers use plastic components for products ranging from bearings, bushings, gears and wear pads to truck bed liners and v-bottom and dump truck trailers.  Cable sheaves and pile driver caps are manufactured of high strength, high wear plastics for reliable performance in harsh environments.  Trackplates for tracked vehicles are constructed of heavy duty nylon for use in soft soils.