Nationwide Plastics Inc. is the leading distributor of solvent cements, primers and sealants for all markets and applications – plumbing and structural and assembly adhesives. In the US and around the world, specifiers, contractors, pipe-fitter, plumbers and fabricators choose our professional grade products for their proven superior reliability, innovative features and performance, which save time and offer unmatched guarantee of first-time right and longer service life.

SCIGRIP Smarter Adhesives Solutions fields a world-class Technical Service team that is backed up by state of the art chemical and physical testing laboratories located in the both the US and UK. The application and product support provided by SCIGRIP is unsurpassed in the adhesives industry and works in tandem with Nationwide Plastics to provide world class solutions to customers’ bonding and assembly requirements. Nationwide Plastics is truly part of the Smarter Adhesives Solutions Team and have a wealth of knowledge to draw from in solving customer challenges.