How Much Does A Plastic Fence Cost?

Your choice of fence and its style will determine both the sort of fence you need and the price of the plastic fence panels you buy. You should budget anything from thirty to one hundred and twenty pounds for the panels. If it is decided that new fence posts are necessary or desirable, then the cost of each new post will be about $22.50.

The cost to install a PVC or vinyl fence ranges from $15 to $30 per linear foot on average, with the majority of homeowners shelling out between $2,848 and $5,696 for supplies as well as the services of a professional installer. The installation of a conventional vinyl privacy fence measuring 6 feet tall would set you back an average of $3,702.

How much does a fence cost UK?

The cost of a weave fence panel is typically between twenty-five and thirty pounds (£20-£30). This style of fencing is derived from conventional hurdle fences; however, the hurdles themselves can be constructed out of anything. In comparison to the typical weave panels, they have a more consistent overall look.

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