How To Make Plastic In The Escapists?

Gather either a Comb or a Toothbrush, then combine it with a Lighter at the appropriate crafting station to produce Molten Plastic. To make a new plastic key, all you need to do now is combine the molten plastic with the key mold you prepared earlier in the process. In order for you to properly build a Plastic Key, you will also require a specific amount of Intelligence on your part.

What can you do with molten plastic in Escapists 2?

In The Escapists, Molten Plastic is a prohibited material that is required in order to manufacture a Plastic Key. It is not a contraband item in the console or mobile versions of the game. Additionally, in The Escapists 2, it is utilized in the production of Fake Keycards.

What are plastic keys used for in Escapists?

Rare or Exclusive Object In The Escapists, Plastic Keys are things that, similar to the Key, may be used to unlock a certain sort of door based on the type of key that is being used. Plastic Keys allow the player to get a key without risking being sent in solitary confinement (TE1) or triggering lockdown. This is the primary goal of the item (TE2).

How do you craft items in Escapists?

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  2. After amassing the required components, the player is able to create objects by either pressing the ‘9’ key on their keyboard or clicking the ‘craft’ button that is located on the right side of the screen.

What can be used as a weapon in The Escapists 2?

There are several different kinds of objects, ranging from firearms to tools, that the player may acquire to assist them in evading capture, transporting contraband, or engaging in combat. In The Escapists 2, any item, unless specifically stated differently, may be wielded as a weapon. Use a Comb on the surface of a wall.

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How do you make a plastic key in The Escapists?

Construct a key mold of the color key using the key and the wad of putty that you have. The guard’s inventory must then be opened once more, and the initial key must be replaced. The next step is to create molten plastic, which, when combined with the key mold, will result in a plastic key.

How do I get molten plastic in The Escapists?

In order to obtain molten plastic, you will need a lighter and either a comb or a toothbrush. It is also compatible with a plastic spoon, fork, or knife and may be used with any of those.

How do you make a plastic fork in The Escapists?

Obtaining. You’ll find it in the same tray as the plastic knives and spoons that are located in the Food Hall’s utensils cabinet. In TE1, it may also be discovered in the desks of convicts, as well as in the wallets and pockets of inmates, and it can be purchased from inmates (in TE2, it is only sold in Area 17).

What can you make with a plastic spoon in The Escapists?

  1. The plastic spoon is an easily accessible but somewhat ineffective digging instrument.
  2. It is possible for the player to utilize it to dig their way out of the situation, but it will take some time.
  3. It takes four spoons to thoroughly excavate one tile because each time you use your spoon, 4 percent of the floor is removed, which reduces its usefulness by 15 percent and limits the number of times it can be used.

What is Talcum Powder used for in the escapists?

Usage. It is possible to fashion a wad of putty out of a tub of talcum powder using the crafting system in The Escapists. Additionally, it has the potential to raise the opinion of a guard by ten points and that of a prisoner by twenty points.

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Who has red key escapists?

Red keys are held by the 1st and 8th guards respectively. Cyan keys are held by the 2nd and 5th guards respectively. Red keys may be found in the 3rd and 5th guard’s rooms.

How is plastic melted?

  1. Using an oven is a quick and straightforward method for melting plastic.
  2. Put the plastic in a container that can withstand heat, then melt it in the oven at a temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. While the plastic is melting, ventilate the area by opening adjacent windows and turning on the fan in your oven to clear the air of any hazardous odors.
  4. The use of a heat gun is another option for melting plastic.

How do you get a GREY key in The Escapists?

You will only be able to unlock the grey lock if you have knocked down at least eight guards at the same time and have taped or roped them before backup comes. This will give you a Prison Takeover.

Who has the white key in The Escapists?

White doors are restricted to being opened either by the personnel of the jail (the warden and the guards) or by the player during a prison takeover during a lockdown.

How do you make guards like you in The Escapists?

If an inmate in The Escapists has an opinion score of 80 or higher, you have the option of recruiting them to fight with you by hitting the ″Q″ button on a PC, ″X″ on an Xbox, or ″″ on a Playstation. When a prisoner or a guard has a name tag that is either red or orange, it indicates that they do not think highly of you.

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What can break walls in The Escapists?

The use of chipping tools allows for the destruction of walls (to name a few, crowbar, Lightweight Pickaxe, flimsy shovel, sturdy shovel). Walls gradually lose their strength as they are chipped away.

What can you do with a wall block in The Escapists?

Usage. You can attach a wall block to the wall in the same way that you would attach a poster; however, you will need to break through the wall once more in order to retrieve the wall block. You may use the right mouse button to drop the wall block in your inventory just as any other object would if you do so.

What to Know Before playing escapists?

Before you can start figuring out how to escape any of The Escapists’ ingenious prison complexes, you need to grasp the layout. Follow your everyday schedule (roll call, meals, gym time, working) for a day or two and take note of where you may go. Where are the contraband scanners? Do any locations appear to be badly guarded?

What can you make with a lighter in the escapists?

The lighter is a typical non-contraband item. Crafting.

Result As a component INT
Molten Plastic Comb x1 or Toothbrush x1 or Plastic Spoon x1 or Plastic Knife x1 or Plastic Fork x1 + Lighter x1 30

How do you read in the escapists?

Increasing your Intellect in The Escapists 2 through activities such as reading books and utilizing computers can aid you. There are books to read all across the jail, but the library is going to be your best hope for finding something to occupy your time behind bars. When your Intellect reaches its maximum level, you will be able to use any item you have acquired.

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