How To Paint Clear Plastic Ornaments?


  1. Take off the top of the decoration
  2. Put some paint in the ornament using a squirt gun
  3. Shake the ornament while protecting the top with your thumb
  4. Keep shaking until you have completely covered everything
  5. Placed in an egg carton or a muffin tray to allow for thorough drying
  6. After the ornament has dried, reinsert the hanger into the top of the ornament
  7. Hang decorations on the tree, and have fun with it

How do you paint on clear glass Christmas ornaments?

To prepare the interior of your clear glass or plastic Christmas decorations for painting, you will first need to remove the caps from the ornaments. You just need to grip the band and pull it off so that it can be removed from the ornament hole.

What is the best way to clean clear plastic ornaments?

To prepare clear plastic decorations, all you need to do is scuff up the surface a little bit using fine grit sandpaper (150 or 220 grit), or you could use fine steel wool instead. This is a really simple and straightforward process. Sanding these decorations requires the use of a dust mask since the plastic used in their construction may be contaminated with hazardous substances.

Can you use acrylic paint to color Christmas ornaments?

PLEASE S EE OUR FULL DISCLOSURE POLICY FOR DETAILS. Discover how simple it is to paint transparent plastic or glass Christmas ornaments using acrylic paint in order to produce Christmas decorations in a color of your choosing. Greetings to all who read the Kenarry!

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Can you use clear glass Christmas ornaments for clear plastic bulbs?

In addition, this will work with clear plastic bulbs as well as clear glass bulbs, in case you were wondering. For this project, you may make use of both clear glass Christmas decorations as well as clear plastic Christmas ornaments. Both of these options are equally effective. Now, let’s take a look at the things that you’re going to require.

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