What Are The Little Plastic Tips On Shoelaces Called?

  • Have you ever been curious about the name of the points that are found on shoelaces?
  • those components that have little pieces of plastic attached to the ends of the laces.
  • They are known as aglets, however the name can also be written aiglets.

Because it is not a phrase that is used very frequently, the word ″aglet″ is frequently seen in trivia questions and crossword puzzles.This is because it is featured on shoelaces.

THE WORD is ‘aglet’.

What are the little plastic things on shoelaces called?

Shoelaces typically include a little piece of plastic or metal cladding called an aglet or aiglet at the end of each lace to prevent the twine from unraveling. The Latin word acus, which literally translates to ″needle,″ is whence we get this term. In days gone by, aglets were mostly crafted from metal, however there were some examples of them created from glass and stone.

Who invented the plastic tip on shoelaces?

Then, who was the first person to put a plastic tip on the end of shoelaces? It is referred to as the aglet. Harvey Kennedy came up with the idea for the aglet, which was generally made of plastic, in the year 1790. The aglet prevents the end of the shoelace from fraying and makes it simpler to tie the shoelace and thread it through the eyelet of the shoe.

What is a shoelace aglet?

The plastic or metal point that may be found at the very end of a shoelace is referred to as a ″aglet,″ which can also be spelled ″aiglet.″ Aglets, despite their apparent simplicity, serve several purposes, including the following:

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