When Rubbing A Plastic Ruler With Cloth The?

What exactly is going on here? By rubbing the ruler with a cloth, electrons will be transferred from the cloth to the ruler, causing the ruler to become negatively charged due to the accumulation of electrons in its surface.

Does a plastic ruler obtain a positive charge when rubbed?

Is it possible for a ruler made of plastic to pick up a positive charge when it is wiped with a cloth? Wiki User ∙ 2013-02-25 01:16:56 Study now See answer (1) (1) Best Answer Copy Yes. Wiki User ∙ 2013-02-25 01:16:56

Why do we rub a plastic ruler on our hairs?

It is an entertaining activity to do when you are bored; nevertheless, the real question is why people do it in the first place.When we touch a plastic ruler against our hair, the neutrality of the plastic ruler’s atoms is disrupted, and as a result, either it acquires a charge or it loses a charge.This implies that the neutrality of the plastic ruler’s atoms means that it either releases the charge or it gains the charge.

What happens if you put a ruler on a paper?

If the ruler has a negative charge, the electrons in the paper molecules (cellulose) will be repelled by it and will spend more time near the end of the ruler, where they will be further from the plastic ruler.The end of these molecules that is farther away from the ruler has a slight positive charge, while the end that is closer to the ruler has a slight negative charge.(But still neutral overall).

Why do you think the charged ruler affected the original strip?

Why do you believe the charged ruler had such an effect on the initial suspended strip? * Because the tape had static while it was charging in the desktop. Because I was pulling on the tape, it became electrically charged, and the ruler was also charged with the rabbit hair, so it was able to attract the tape. B.

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What happens when you rub a plastic rod with cotton?

When a rod made of glass is rubbed with a cloth, the charge that is formed on the glass rod is referred to as positive. On the other hand, the charge that is produced on a rod made of plastic when it is rubbed with a cloth is referred to as negative.

What happens when a plastic ruler is rubbed with wool and then brought near a pile of paper scraps?

They have charges that are opposing to one another, which causes them to attract one another. wool on a ruler results in a fresh force of attraction being generated between the ruler and the fragments of paper. When the ruler is brought into close proximity to bits of paper, the attractive electric force causes the bits of paper to speed upward in opposition to the force of gravity.

What force is generated when a plastic ruler is rubbed with a woolen cloth?

Charges are generated by rubbing the plastic ruler with the woolen fabric since this causes friction. Because of the electrostatic force, these charges are transferred from the object to the paper.

How can a plastic ruler get a positive charge?

When you rub the atoms in wool against the atoms in plastic, some of the outer electrons from the atoms in wool are rubbed off, and they adhere to the atoms in the plastic ruler.This is because the atoms in wool are more electronegative than the atoms in plastic.The electrons that are removed from the wool’s atoms end up being rubbed onto the surface of the plastic ruler, which becomes covered with them.

How does a plastic rod become positively charged when rubbed with a cloth?

Electrons are able to gather energy through the process of friction whenever a polythene rod is wiped with a duster.Electrons are able to leave their atoms after they have acquired enough energy to ″rub off″ onto the polythene rod.A negative charge has been imparted to the polythene rod as a result of its accumulation of electrons.A positive charge has been imparted on the duster as a result of the loss of electrons.

Is cloth negatively charged?

In a similar manner, rubbing together two silk cloths will cause them to reject one another since both cloths contain a negative charge.

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Why does a plastic ruler that has been rubbed with a cloth have the ability to pick up small pieces of paper?

When a plastic ruler is stroked on a fabric, free electrons go from the ruler to the cloth. While the fabric gives up electrons and becomes positively charged, the ruler takes them on and becomes negatively charged. The negative charge of the ruler polarizes the charge already present on the paper, and as a result, it draws in the positive charges while driving out the electrons.

Is wool cloth positively or negatively charged?

Because of the friction that is created during the rubbing process, both the wood and the plastic become electrified when woolen fabric is brushed against plastic. Therefore, because plastic has a stronger electron affinity (the capacity to attract electrons) than wool does, plastic picks up a negative charge whereas wool picks up a positive charge.

When a charged plastic ruler is brought close to small pieces of paper they get attracted to it this is due to charging by?

This is because of the charge that occurs due to friction.

Is a plastic ruler a conductor or insulator?

When working with electrical connections, it is critical to make use of insulators at all times. Insulators are the plastic sheathing that surrounds wires and bulb holders.

Object Conductor or Insulator? (circle one)
rubber band conductor insulator
ruler conductor insulator
crayon conductor insulator
piece of metal conductor insulator

What would happen if a plastic ruler is rubbed with a silk cloth?

The free electrons that are present in a fabric are transferred to the plastic ruler when it is rubbed with the cloth using a plastic ruler.The fabric, which is in the process of losing electrons, has a lower number of electrons and will become positively charged as a result.On the other hand, the plastic ruler will have a higher number of electrons and will consequently become negatively charged.

What will happen if you rub two identical plastic rulers with a woolen cloth and bring them together?

What would happen if you massage two plastic rulers that are similar with a woolen rag and then bring them together? The dominant individuals will gravitate toward one another.

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Why a plastic scale becomes negatively charged when we rub it with our hair?

When you comb your hair, for instance, electrons leave the atoms and molecules in your hair and travel to the plastic comb. This is because electrons are negatively charged. Because the comb is coated with electrons that have a negative charge, the comb itself acquires this charge, while the electrons in your hair retain their positive state.

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