How To Insert Lenses In Plastic Frames?

  1. Place the lens in the frame beginning with the one on the temporal side
  2. Apply a little amount of force, and then press the nasal side into the frame
  3. The portion of the lens that is located below the nose is all that is left. At this point, you should use your thumbs to force the corners of the lens back into the frame
  4. Check to see if the lenses are centered exactly in the middle of the frame in all of the shots
  5. If it does not fit in exactly, you just need to pull it out and try to fit it in again

How to change lens for clip in plastic sunglasses?

  • Taking off the lenses in your Clip in Plastic sunglasses is a rather simple process.
  • The corner of the lens that is closest to the nose pads is the first one that needs to be cut away before proceeding.
  • While keeping a firm grip on the frame, remove the lens away from where it is attached to the frame.
  • This process must be repeated for both lenses.
  • Begin the process of installing your new lenses by working from the side that is closest to the arm.

How do I Make my Lenses more flexible?

  • Because you are working with plastic frames that are very rigid and a glass lens that is quite hard, it is possible that you will need to heat the plastic frames in order to make them more flexible.
  • Find the area of the lens that is the narrowest to start.
  • Flip the frames so that they are facing away from you, then pinch the lens until you are as near as you can go to the point where it is narrowest.

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