How To Make Black Plastic Shine?

Black plastics, especially automobile trims and bumpers, have a tendency to fade and discolor with time, despite the fact that they are a sturdy material. The inherent sheen of the plastic can, thankfully, be brought out with relatively little effort. You may make your plastic seem as good as new by using olive oil with a rubbing motion or applying heat with a heat gun to the faded region.

How do you get a shiny finish on plastic?

To get a brilliant shine, rub the surface with a buffing wheel.Both soft plastics, like the trim on motorcycles, and hard plastics, like headlights, respond favorably to this technique.Turn on the buffing wheel, and while it is still spinning, hold it so that the edge is pressed up against the plastic.

When polishing soft plastics, you should use a very delicate touch and make sure to keep it moving in a circular motion to produce the greatest shine.

How do I restore black plastic trim to its original color?

You could try something like Autoglym’s Bumper and Trim Gel, or if you have the extra cash, you could try Swissvax’s Pneu, which is a more costly option. Both of these methods will return black plastic trim pieces to their former splendor while leaving behind a protective covering. Oh, and if there is any overflow, the paintwork won’t be harmed by them in any way.

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