How To Paint A Car Bumper Plastic?

  1. A simple approach to refresh the appearance of your vehicle is to paint the plastic cover that covers the bumper.
  2. To get started, take off the cover of the bumper, and then thoroughly wash it.
  3. You should patch up any shallow scratches or cracks and sand down the damaged area if you have any.
  4. After cleaning the bumper cover, apply multiple layers of base coat, allowing each layer to cure completely before sanding and then repeating the process.

How to paint plastic parts of a car?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Painting Automotive Plastic Components and Parts 1 1. Take off, sand down, and clean. To ensure that you are able to paint the plastic component without making any mistakes, it is usually a good idea to remove the component before beginning the painting process. 2 2. Primer. 3 3. Colour. 4 4. Lacquer. Polish the fifth.

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