How To Paint Plastic Storage Bins?


  1. Remove any traces of residue from the drawers by cleaning them
  2. Sanding them lightly in preparation for painting them
  3. Paint the plastic drawers with spray paint
  4. Put Back Together The Drawers Made Of Painted Plastic

Can you spray paint plastic storage bins?

If you are unable to locate the necessary color in a spray paint designed specifically for plastic, prime the plastic using a plastic primer. If this is not the case, you may skip the primer and go the simple route by using a paint designed for plastic. When painting the storage bins, it is best to do so in a well-ventilated environment, preferably outside.

How do you decorate a storage bin?

If you put the bins out in the open where you will see them on a daily basis, spruce them up a little by painting them with a new color so that they don’t look quite as boring or uninteresting.If you would rather not settle for the simplicity of a single color of paint for the finish, you may jazz them up with stripes, stenciled motifs, or even a blackboard surface for personalized labeling.

Can you paint the base of a bin?

If, on the other hand, you are using bins that you just purchased or that aren’t particularly unclean, I wouldn’t bother painting the base of the bin unless you specifically want to paint it a different color or anything like that.I would recommend doing two coats of the real color before applying the clear acrylic coat.This will ensure that you end up with a color that is rich and vibrant.

Can plastics storage sheds be painted?

It is possible to paint plastic storage sheds as long as you begin by applying a layer of priming paint that is designed exclusively for use on plastics. After that, you may either use regular paint that can be used on several surfaces or paint that is specifically designed for plastic surfaces.

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