How To Remove Scratches From Unpainted Plastic Bumper?

Move the cloth around the scratch in a circular manner as you do so. Examine the scratch in its entirety, beginning at one end and working your way to the other. The scratch on the plastic may be removed by using this buffing motion to massage the surface.

How to fix a scratched front bumper?

The degree to which the bumper has been scraped determines how important this factor is. Polishing can be used to remove superficial scratches in the same manner that deeper scratches on metal panels are removed. If it doesn’t work, try polishing more thoroughly. If it doesn’t work, you’ll need to scrape deeper (you can jump to this step if the plastic is obviously deformed).

How do I remove a scratch from the back of a car?

To get inside the scrape, you might need to use a piece of cloth wrapped over one of your fingers. Remove all trace of the soap with water. Before moving on, make sure the surface is completely dry by blotting it with paper towels.

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