Which Tea Bags Contain Plastic?

  1. Tea bags are made of polypropylene, a kind of plastic that acts as a sealer and helps the bag maintain its form even when submerged in boiling water.
  2. According to information that was published in The Times of London (behind a paywall), Unilever (the company that owns PG Tips), Yorkshire Tea, Tetley, and even some of the more expensive Twinings bags include some quantity of single-use plastic.

What are tea bags made out of?

Plastic tea bags (the actual bag is composed of plastic, not paper), which begin to break down when placed in hot water plastic leaking from tea bags into the cup and, in turn, into the drinker plastic leaking from tea bags into the cup and, ultimately, into the drinker

Which tea bags contain plastic and are they safe?

The question is, which tea bags are made of plastic? Tetley, Twinings’ ‘heat-sealed’ and’string and tag’ lines, Yorkshire Tea, and several Aldi tea bags are examples of brands that employ plastic sealants in their tea bag packaging. Both Co-Op and PG Tips have just made the move to using bags that are entirely biodegradable.

Are teapigs teabags made from PLA?

However, the PLA that is used to make its variety of pyramid teabags allows for a more environmentally friendly cup of tea. Stalwarts of the sustainable tea industry Teapigs’ delicious tea pyramids have always been created with PLA rather than the fossil fuel-based plastic that is often used in the production of teabags. Nevertheless, Teapigs did not end their activities there.

Which brands use plant-based teabags and tea bags?

Some varieties of Tetley and Twinings tea are biodegradable, as are those manufactured by Abel & Cole and Teapigs, which use a plant-based product called SoilOn. Clipper, meantime, creates a plastic-free teabag out of bananas.

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