Why Are Aluminum Cans Coated With Plastic Film On The Inside?

After the metal is dissolved away with detergent, a stunning video from MEL Science has exposed the hidden plastic layer that is inside the aluminum cans. The purpose of the film is to create a barrier that will protect the reactive metal from the corrosive impact that acidic liquids have.

Pop cans, also known as soda cans, generally have a plastic coating applied to them. This coating serves the purpose of protecting the aluminum material of the can from the potentially corrosive soda drink that is contained within the can.

How thick is the coating on a can?

The majority of cans are coated on the inside and the outside with films that range in thickness from 1 to 10 micrometers regardless of the material or the manufacturing procedure.Before the cans are manufactured, coatings are typically applied using roller coating on both sides of the planar metal sheets or coils that will be used.An other option is to spray the coatings onto the premade cans.

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