How Much Does It Cost To Recycle Tires?

How Much Does It Cost To Recycle Tires
In general, they range from $1 to $5 per tire, depending on the state, with larger tires at times carrying heavier fees.

What is the disposal charge for tires in Missouri?

Each rimless vehicle tire will incur a charge of $1.50 (cash only). Higher fees apply to tires with rims, bigger tires, and very dirty tires. All fees must be paid solely in cash. Fees on Waste Tires.

Item Fee
rimless $1.50
on rims $3.00
Per Truck Tire
rimless $4.00

Participating dealerships are displaying signs informing buyers of the cost. She stated that if consumers do not choose to pay the fee, they must sign a consumer responsibility agreement card promising to dispose of the tires legally. Previously, dealers were obligated by law to charge $2 for the sale of new automobile tires with rim diameters between 12 and 17.5 inches, $3.50 for each new big truck tire, and $1 for each used tire.

The acquired revenues were then utilized by the state to construct tire recycling programs and pay scrap tire haulers and processors to collect and shred tires. According to a spokesperson for the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, the program was allowed to expire in 1997 because lawmakers were unable to agree on whether tire processors or recyclers should get the majority of the subsidy.

According to him, under the previous law, shredded tires were employed as leachate linings in landfills and as tire-derived fuel in some sectors. The speaker stated that scrap tires were also transformed into road paving, playground material, and landscaping mulch, albeit these industries are relatively new.

In 1997, Texas attained an overall tire recycling percentage of 94%. As a result of the regulation, around 20 million scrap tires in 600 unlawful dumps had been cleaned up, he added. The state has allocated $9 million to clean up 300 existing tire dumps in 1998. He stated that tire dumping is unlawful in Texas and that sellers must document the destination of waste tires carried from the dealership.

The TNRCC and TTDRA are optimistic that the free business system will continue to recycle scrap tires despite the fact that the state will no longer fund processors or carriers. The TNRCC representative stated that scrap tire markets had been developed.

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How can I dispose of my old tires in Missouri?

Homeowners may dispose of their tires with their regular garbage if they are first properly chopped. Either remove the sidewalls from each tire, generating two sidewalls and the tread ring, or cut each tire through the middle of the tread ring (like a bagel) and dispose of the pieces in the garbage.

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