How To Find Recycle Bin In Salesforce Lightning?

How To Find Recycle Bin In Salesforce Lightning
To access the Recycle Bin, locate and choose it from the App Launcher, or add it to your menu. Alternatively, add the Recycle Bin tab to your organization using the Lightning App Builder. Choose the Recycle Bin you wish to visit (1).

Where are Salesforce lightning deleted items located?

If you undelete a custom object, you may need to do manual cleanup in order to restore list views and other modifications that rely on the item. To examine a list of removed custom objects, follow these steps: Navigate to the custom object management settings. Click Deleted Objects in the list’s footer.

View Items in the Recycle Bin To view only the items you have removed, choose My Recycle from the drop-down menu. Administrators and users with the ‘Modify All Data’ ability can choose All Recycle Bin to examine all deleted data for the whole organization.

Where are Salesforce lightning files stored?

Files Home is the central repository for your Salesforce files. View all of your private files, view files that have been shared with you, and share files with others. You may upload files to the Files homepage, feeds, and records.

In general, deleted files are placed in the Windows Recycle Bin. This makes them accessible for rehabilitation. However, you will be unable to retrieve the Recycle Bin files if: You removed the files using the “Shift + Delete” combination. You manually emptied the Recycle Bin.