How To Recycle Fluorescent Bulbs?

How To Recycle Fluorescent Bulbs
Because CFLs contain a small amount of mercury, the EPA advises people to take advantage of local recycling services. To locate local recycling possibilities, consumers should contact their local municipal solid waste agency or visit or

  • The Home Depot and IKEA locations accept discarded, intact CFLs for free recycling.
  • Bring the CFLs to the desk for returns.
  • The EPA is collaborating with CFL producers and leading U.S.
  • Retailers to enhance recycling and disposal alternatives.
  • If your state or local environmental regulatory body enables you to dispose of spent or broken CFLs in the trash, place the bulbs in two plastic bags and place them in the trash or another covered outdoor spot for the next scheduled trash collection.

Never place fluorescent light bulbs or other mercury-containing items in an incinerator. CFLs that are ENERGY STAR certified have a 2-year guarantee. Here are the steps to take if your bulb fails within the warranty term. Mercury and CFL Fact Sheet (PDF, 78 KB)

How do I discard fluorescent bulbs in New Jersey?

Send hazardous waste to the County Hazardous Waste Facility or contact 609-499-5200.

How can I get rid of fluorescent bulbs in New York City?

Drop off CFLs for recycling at Home Depot, Ikea, Lowe’s, or another partner shop. To learn more about participating stores, go visit Bring fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent light bulbs to any DSNY Household Special Waste Drop-Off Site or forthcoming SAFE Disposal Event.