How To Recycle Notebooks?

How To Recycle Notebooks

  1. Get rid of spiral binding. Before recycling your notebook, remove the metal spiral or plastic coil.
  2. Remove the plastic wrap. If the front or back cover of the notebook is made of plastic, remove and discard before recycling the paper.
  3. Remove Additional Non-Paper Items.
  4. Only Paper should be recycled.

What may old notebooks be used for?

  • Installing lighter OS
  • Transforming it into a useful device like a hotspot
  • Or utilize its ample storage

How can I back up my notepads?

  • Select “File” > “Options.”
  • Choose ‘Save&Backup’ from the OneNote Options menu.
  • Under Save on the right, select “Back Up All Notebooks Now.”
  • When prompted that the backup has been performed successfully, click OK.