What To Do With Old Cds Recycle?

What To Do With Old Cds Recycle As you migrate your music collection to MP3 or other digital forms, you may have CDs and cassettes to discard. Unfortunately, the market for recycling these materials is somewhat restricted. These media are constructed from plastic, but not the same plastic as bottles and food containers.

  1. In reality, they are a composite of many plastic resins.
  2. The CD sleeves are composed of polystyrene (#6 plastic), whilst the discs themselves are composed of polycarbonate (#7 plastic).
  3. The tape itself is composed of polyethylene terephthalate (#1 plastic) and polypropylene (#5 plastic).
  4. Due to the small market for recycling plastic in various forms, recycling choices are limited.

But instead of discarding them, consider the following alternatives.

  1. Donate your used CDs, DVDs, and cassettes to a thrift store or music reseller for resale. Even if the objects are scratched, it is possible to restore and resell them. Obviously, you cannot dispose of blank or burnt CDs and VHS cassettes in this manner.
  2. Utilize them for a homemade art project.
  3. Send your media to an organization such as the CD Recycling Center of America or GreenDisk. Remove any paper sleeves, since these may be recycled with the rest of the paper. CD cases are made of office paper, whereas VHS tape covers are made of paperboard.

Using the Recycling Locator, you may locate a local CD and cassette recycling station. Discover Recycling Guides for Additional Materials

What can I do with outdated CD cases in the United Kingdom?


DVDs and CDs cannot be recycled using the recycling bucket, bag, or box provided by your local government. DVDs, CDs, and plastic cases can be disposed of in the residual container provided by your local municipality or at the local Household Waste Recycling Centre. Local Home Waste Recycling Centres can recycle or dispose of the majority of household waste kinds. Before traveling to a Centre, contact 0151 255 1444 or email [email protected] if you have a question regarding a form of household trash. Have you found the webpage for recycle right to be useful?