Where Can I Buy Recycle Bins?

Where Can I Buy Recycle Bins
Additionally, recycling containers are available at these places. It is essential that you phone the business beforehand to confirm that they have stock. Westlake Hardware Stores from Ace

How can I obtain a replacement pick-up bin?

The City of Johannesburg’s waste management business, Pikitup, has addressed the bin shortage and is encouraging people whose bins have been damaged or stolen to apply for replacements. – Nothing is more aggravating than having to deal with a stolen or damaged Pikitup bin.

  1. A client will not be charged to repair a damaged bin, however lost or stolen bins will only be replaced for free once throughout the bin’s usable life.
  2. Residents are urged by Pikitup to quickly place their dumpsters inside their homes after they have been emptied.
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Pikitup has amassed a substantial quantity of bins, and people who need their bins changed must adhere to a certain procedure. In accordance with Pikitup’s bin management policy, the following steps are necessary when requesting a new bin: What to do if your trash can is stolen Report the theft of your bin to the police station closest to your property, receive a case number, and have your municipal account number available before phoning the City’s Call Centre to request a replacement bin.

  1. This procedure applies to both residential and commercial clients.
  2. What to do if your trash can is broken? Report the damaged bin through the City’s Call Centre and be in possession of your account number when requesting a replacement bin.
  3. What is the procedure for getting an extra bin? Call the City’s Call Centre and have your account number handy; you will be granted a reference number that may be used to request an additional bin.
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In such instances, however, households will be expected to pay for the additional containers. The reference number will subsequently be forwarded to a Pikitup representative who will handle the customer’s request. As evidence that they have received the bin, the customer must always sign the delivery document.

  1. Residents and companies should also be aware that without a reference number, no bin request will be completed.
  2. Moreover, according to Pikitup’s bin management policy, damaged bins will be replaced at no cost to the client, however lost or stolen bins will only be replaced at no cost once throughout the bin’s usable life.

The average lifespan of a container is eight (8) years. Pikitup will give bins according to the fewer number of units in the complex or bins proportional to the area available to store bins on sectional title properties. Residents of these residences should be aware that only the property owner or management agency can request a bin on their behalf.

  • Tenant requests for bins will only be considered if they are accompanied by a letter of authorization from the property owner or management agency.
  • Residents are urged by Pikitup to quickly store their bins inside their homes once they have been emptied to avoid their bins from being stolen by criminals.

Dial 011 375 5555 or 086 0562874 and press option 4 for Pikitup, or 087 357 1068 or 010 055 5990 for the City of Johannesburg Call Centre. Possibility to WIN with The Sandton Times Advertise today in The Sandton Times! Return to The Sandton Times’s homepage for other stories.