Where Can I Recycle Car Batteries For Money?

Where Can I Recycle Car Batteries For Money
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How much do you receive for a used vehicle battery?

How much can I get for my used vehicle battery? What is the value of a used automobile battery? I am replacing the battery in my vehicle. “The previous one works OK, but I wanted to get a nicer one before winter.” It’s wonderful to learn that you go above and beyond to care for your automobile! This is a certain strategy to save money over time.

The going prices for the sale of an automobile battery varies. It will likely cost between $7 and $30. Here are a few locations where you might attempt to sell your battery: Auto parts store is the ideal starting point. Instead of purchasing them from you, many retailers will accept used batteries in exchange for store credit.

If you’re going to get a new battery anyhow, this may be an excellent choice. Numerous retailers provide around $20 in shop credit. Try going to a junkyard if you wish to sell your battery for cash. Approximately 21 pounds of lead are contained in a single automobile battery.

Based on this value, the majority of scrap yards will pay $7 for it. Online: Craigslist and eBay may not seem like the most trustworthy locations to sell your battery, but you’d be amazed at how many people look online for inexpensive batteries – even old ones. You should take the battery to a technician for an evaluation of its remaining life.

Establish a reasonable price based on your research. To prepare for driving in the winter, you should replace your battery. Putting together a, if you haven’t already, is another wise method to safeguard your car and yourself. Consider a roadside assistance membership via for further assurance.

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Will AutoZone offer a battery refund?

Conclusion – In conclusion, AutoZone will accept returned batteries within 90 days after purchase, provided they are in their original packing and condition, and you have the original receipt. If the battery is faulty, it must be returned within the warranty term specified on the receipt. With a little care and maintenance, you can maintain your car’s battery in good condition for many years.