Where Can I Recycle Cds?

Where Can I Recycle Cds
How to Recycle DVDs and Compact Discs –

  • Donate unwanted CDs, DVDs, and records to charity stores or sell them on websites such as Zapper and Ziffit.
  • Some Recycling Centres accept certain products, although the availability of this service varies across the nation. The best course of action is to consult your local government.
  • Rarely accepted in Recycling Centres and charity stores, VHS tapes and cassettes are often taken to trash.

What can be done with CDs lacking cases?

What can I do with a collection of CDs? – Contribute them Goodwill continues to sell and collect CDs and DVDs at its drop-off sites. Many libraries will either stock them for checkout or sell them during book sales or their used book stores.