Where Can I Recycle Christmas Lights?

Where Can I Recycle Christmas Lights
Individual Recycling – MOM’s Organic is more than just a supermarket. In addition to offering organic and sustainably produced foods, the store features recycling stations for difficult-to-recycle items such as batteries, cork, Brita filters, and yes, even old Christmas lights.

MOM’s donates both functioning and nonworking Christmas lights to Capitol Asset Recycling, where they are repurposed into roofing and building materials, plumbing, automobile batteries, other electronics, lead wheel weights, flatware, and other items. Check with your local MOM’s to determine when the shop will have its annual Holiday Lights Recycling Drive.

Local thrift stores, including Goodwill, should take your operational Christmas lights. Have too many (or wish to replace your current set)? Donate them to a donation bin near you or locate a local business. The Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Ace Hardware will gladly accept your defective Christmas lights if you’re seeking for a responsible method to dispose of them.

Consult your neighborhood hardware shop for details, such as drop-off locations. Your community’s garbage disposal service: You are not alone in your area in pulling down the Christmas lights. The EPA suggests calling your local recycling agency to see whether or not it accepts functional or nonworking Christmas lights.

It may designate a certain day for contribution collection or be able to link you to a local nonprofit that accepts Christmas lights.

Where in Calgary can I donate Christmas lights?

You may also donate unwanted Christmas lights to a city dump for metal recycling. Christmas lights are free to put into the dump, but other goods will incur disposal fees. You can also bring metals to a private recycler. Consult the Alberta Recycling Hotline for choices.

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Artificial Trees: Reuse, reuse, reuse – According to Thomas Harman, creator and CEO of Balsam Hill Christmas Trees, most American households keep their artificial Christmas trees for around 10 years. He suggests reusing fake trees till they are no longer in excellent condition.

  • “The nicest thing a person can do with a tree that is still functional is to give it to someone else,” adds Harman.
  • According to the CEO, you may give your tree to a relative or friend, donate it to charity, sell it, or even use it to produce crafts.
  • According to Harman, if your fake tree is reasonably recent and you spend a fair amount of money on it, it will likely fetch a nice price on eBay.
  • “If you purchased $200 for a tree that is less than five to seven years old, I would recommend selling it,” he adds.

According to Harman, there is a large market for antique trees (at least 40 years old), particularly those constructed of aluminum. If your tree is ancient, he suggests bringing it to a local antique or vintage shop to determine its value. But if your tree is ordinary, the selling price may not cover the expense of transportation, so it’s advisable to donate it or give it to a friend.

  1. Donate your fake tree: According to Harman, national charities like as Goodwill and the Salvation Army would often accept an artificial tree in excellent condition.
  2. Harman suggests that before donating your tree to a national charity, you check with a local church or charity to see whether they accept old artificial trees.
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He notes that local nonprofits who sell fake trees frequently utilize the proceeds to benefit their areas. Many individuals reuse fake trees for creative projects, according to Harman. According to him, depending on the age and species of the tree, the branches can be transformed into wreaths and other Christmas decorations.

You can cut sections of imitation tree branches and use them to attach a garland to a railing or a fence; it looks nicer than using a zip tie since it fits in with the garland,” explains Harman. According to him, Pinterest and YouTube are excellent resources for DIY ideas. Harman recommends recycling fake trees that are too worn to be sold, given, or used in crafts.

Depending on where you reside, your municipality may recycle fake trees left at the curb, or you may need to transport your tree to a recycling center yourself. He advises calling your local municipality and following their disposal recommendations. As with genuine Christmas trees, you must remove all ornaments and lights before recycling your tree, he advises.

  1. Harman emphasizes the importance of reusing fake trees before sending them to a recycling center.
  2. “Reuse a fake tree over and over again,” he argues.
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Where in Edmonton can I donate Christmas decorations?

Can Christmas decorations be donated to Goodwill? – In Alberta, Christmas decorations and other festive things can be given to Goodwill. This consists of festive decorations for the home, Christmas lights, and Christmas trees. Please note, however, that Christmas trees will only be accepted in their original packaging or bag.