Where Can I Recycle Electrical Items?

Where Can I Recycle Electrical Items
You may dispose of your outdated household electronics: At Townmead Road Recycling and Reuse Centre At libraries (small items only, excludes Kew, Hampton Wick and Reference Library) By scheduling a collection for unmanageable waste Via retail outlets

What do you do with obsolete electrical equipment?

Some local governments accept small electrical appliances as part of their home recycling program. If so, there may be special instructions on how to prepare them for collection, such as placing small electrical items in a clear plastic bag tied to your recycling bin. It is advisable to contact them first.

Where Can I Recycle Electrical Items Retailers will accept old cables and leads for recycling – Thousands of shops across the United Kingdom will now accept your old electrical products for recycling if you purchase from them. And many stores will accept your used technology even if you are not making a purchase. This includes all accessories, such as plugs, batteries, and cables.

How can I reuse my old electric kettle?

Be sure to send your electric kettle to a recycling company that specializes in e-waste when you want to dispose of it. Alternatively, if you own a traditional kettle, you must take it to the recycling center in order to dispose of it properly.