Where Can You Recycle Antifreeze?

Where Can You Recycle Antifreeze
How to eliminate antifreeze: – After following the correct technique for antifreeze replacement, you should have a large container of old or potentially contaminated antifreeze. Do not attempt to dump it down the drain or into the backyard. According to several veterinary professionals, including All Creatures Veterinary Care, antifreeze containing ethylene glycol is potentially lethal if consumed by live creatures.

Article continues below advertisement Take antifreeze to a nearby recycling facility, service station, or car repair shop for disposal. Some vehicle repair shops and service stations may take and dispose of old antifreeze and motor oil, while others may not. Additionally, you must establish whether your antifreeze is contaminated or simply outdated.

Each of these must be stored separately since their disposal procedures vary. Contaminated antifreeze may include heavy metals, making it hazardous waste. Many stores will not accept this sort of antifreeze, so you will need to contact an approved facility or hire a commercial trash hauler to collect it for you.

  1. Article continues below advertisement You may locate hazardous trash or recycling facilities by contacting your city’s sanitation department or by searching online.
  2. Earth911’s Recycling Locator is particularly useful for locating local recycling facilities.
  3. Simply click antifreeze and enter your zip code, and you’re done! Before calling them, you must identify the type of antifreeze you have.

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Where can I get rid of antifreeze in the UK?

It should under no circumstances be discharged into road drains, septic tanks, or the soil. (UK legislation) Small amounts can be flushed down the TOILET and then processed. The preferred disposal option, particularly for big volumes, is to take it to the landfill in the same manner as engine oil.