Where Do I Recycle Cardboard?

Where Do I Recycle Cardboard
Paper and cardboard waste You can bring paper and cardboard scraps to the sorting station or recycling facility. You may also donate it to volunteers who collect it once a month door-to-door. Please ensure that the paper and cardboard pieces are tiny enough to fit through the container’s entrance.

  1. If you separate your paper and cardboard scraps, the recycling facility will be able to convert them into new paper, and you will save money on residual trash bags.
  2. This article describes how to dispose of waste paper and cardboard, as well as what can and cannot be placed in the waste paper and cardboard receptacle.

paper and cardboard waste

Which types of paper are not recyclable?

How Cardboard is Recycled

What varieties of paper may be recycled? Many types of paper, including white office paper, newspaper, colorful office paper, cardboard, white computer paper, periodicals, catalogs, and phone books, may be recycled. Coated and processed paper, paper containing food waste, juice and cereal boxes, paper cups, paper towels, and paper or magazines laminated with plastic are not recyclable. Recycling

How should paper be disposed of?

Where may newspapers be donated in the Philippines? If you prefer to donate old newspapers in the Philippines, we may recommend a variety of locations. The most convenient location to drop off recyclables is the local recycling center or recycling bank.