Where To Recycle Dehumidifier?

Where To Recycle Dehumidifier
This item may be accepted for curbside collection of bulky garbage or for drop-off at your municipal transfer station/recycling facility. Check your community’s municipal recycling website to determine if this service is provided.

Where nearby can I dispose of a dehumidifier?

Other Recycling Options – Appliances can be recycled at local recycling facilities and scrap yards. Scrap yards may provide compensation for equipment that do not contain refrigerants. Contact the facility or visit their website to confirm that your appliance is accepted and to inquire about any costs that may be applicable.

Do dehumidifiers get recycled?

Where Can You Take Your Dehumidifier to Be Recycled? – There are several recycling firms and hazardous waste centers where you may properly dispose of your old dehumidifier. However, Massachusetts has a program that allows you to recycle it and receive a reimbursement! Mass Save® is a project supported by the state’s gas and electric companies and energy efficiency service providers to conserve energy.

  • It encourages energy efficiency and helps Massachusetts residents reduce their energy costs.
  • Since 2015, Mass Save has organized dehumidifier recycling events for all qualifying residential power users around the state.
  • Anyone who participates in the program and recycles their dehumidifier will get a mail-in refund.

Find an upcoming Mass Save® Dehumidifier Turn-In Event in your area and drop off your functional but inefficient dehumidifier to be recycled. As easy as that. A contactless drive-through option is also available for your convenience.