Where To Recycle Helium Tanks?

Where To Recycle Helium Tanks
Follow these guidelines to ensure the safe and correct disposal of your Helium Balloon Cylinder: Release all gas prior to disposal. Please bring the empty cylinder to a residential recycling center or municipal amenity site. Contact your local council if you have questions. Bring your empty helium cylinder to a place with adequate ventilation. Verify the cylinder’s emptiness by: To release any residual helium, fully open the valve by rotating it to the left and bend the tilt nozzle gently but completely. Ensure that all helium has been released. If you hear or feel helium being released, continue holding until you no longer feel or hear any pressure or sound from the nozzle. Remove the tilt nozzle by unscrewing it counterclockwise. Write “EMPTY” in strong, permanent marker at the blowout valve on the balloon cylinder so that it is plainly visible. Follow the instructions supplied by your local recycler and bring your recyclable helium cylinder to their facility or curbside recycling program.

  1. NOTE: Your recycling provider may require the extra safety safeguard of opening the helium cylinder’s blowout valve to guarantee it is empty.
  2. If opening the blowout valve is needed, please locate the blowout valve on the shoulder of the balloon cylinder after completing steps 1 through 6.
  3. Position the head of a slotted (flat-head) screwdriver in the depression at the ring’s edge.

Using a mallet or hammer, softly but firmly tap the screwdriver’s handle. Repeat at many locations along the ring’s circumference until the metal ring protecting the blowout valve is pierced. The pierced ring might be sharp. To avoid harm, remove the ring from the helium cylinder with needle-nose or equivalent pliers and dispose of it in the garbage.

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How is an empty helium tank discarded?

Propane residue prevents many landfills, recycling facilities, and scrap metal dealers from recycling unwanted tanks. However, the majority of propane exchange firms, like Blue Rhino, will recycle them for free. Simply leave the empty container next to the propane exchange display.

Can helium tanks be returned to the target?

Details for returns This item must be returned to a Target location. This item must be returned within 90 days of the day it was in-store purchased, mailed, delivered by a Shipt shopper, or made available for pickup.