Where To Recycle Old Cds?

Where To Recycle Old Cds
How to Recycle DVDs and Compact Discs –

  • Donate unwanted CDs, DVDs, and records to charity stores or sell them on websites such as Zapper and Ziffit.
  • Some Recycling Centres accept certain products, although the availability of this service varies across the nation. The best course of action is to consult your local government.
  • Rarely accepted in Recycling Centres and charity stores, VHS tapes and cassettes are often taken to trash.

How do I dispose of obsolete floppy disks?

CDs and DVDs Recycling – How To Recycle Your Old CDs Into Useful Stuff

Your floppy disks may contain data – Because your floppy disks may contain data, you must erase them before discarding them or submitting them to an IT recycling facility. As if you were disposing of an old hard drive, you must first erase it to protect the security of your data.