Where To Recycle Old Tires?

Where To Recycle Old Tires
Where can I dispose of or recycle my tires? – Do not lose time searching for a recycling center or chance to dispose of rubber trash.1-800-GOT-JUNK? will assist you in removing old tires and transporting them to the proper recycling site. Together, we ensure that tires do not wind up in your backyard or a landfill.

  • Local facilities for ordinary and specialized tire recycling
  • Tire retail outlets (for a fee)
  • Auto garages
  • landfills accepting old tires

Not sure how to dispose of old tires by yourself? Let 1-800-GOT-JUNK? handle the situation for you. We will take your unwanted tires from their current location, load them into our truck, and then dispose of them safely. Give us a call to determine whether your local staff can assist with tire removal.

How can I get rid of my old tires in Illinois?

What You Can Do – When purchasing new tires, leave your previous tires with your tire store. The legislation requires retailers to accept a number of worn tires equal to the number of new tires sold. If a merchant refuses to take your old tires, file a complaint with the Illinois EPA and look elsewhere.

How are tires disposed of in Chicago?

Recycling Tires in Arlington Heights, Illinois – There are a number of locations in the Arlington Heights area where you can recycle your old tires. Dakota Auto Repair and Tire charges $3.50 for the typical automobile tire. Will take modest quantities of auto batteries, oil, antifreeze, and fuel for free.3450 N Old Arlington Heights Road, Telephone: (847) 398-4645 Pep Boys: $3.50 per tire for tire recycling. Where To Recycle Old Tires