Why Do We Need To Recycle?

Why Do We Need To Recycle
Recycling protects the environment by reducing the need for extracting, refining, and processing raw materials, which all contribute to air and water pollution. As recycling conserves energy, it also decreases greenhouse gas emissions, so aiding in the fight against climate change.

What proportion of individuals do not recycle?

25% Of American Citizens Do Not Recycle While three-quarters of American people recycle anything at home, 23% still do not recycle anything. One may believe that younger generations are more inclined to recycle, however this is not the case. Three out of ten “Echo Boomers” (individuals aged 18 to 30) do not recycle, compared to 19% of “Matures” (those aged 62 and older).

Regional differences exist between those who recycle and those who do not, according to a recent study. East and West residents are more likely to recycle (88 percent and 86 percent respectively). However, 32 percent of people in the South and 30 percent of those in the Midwest report not recycling anything.67 percent of adults recycle aluminum and metal cans, 59 percent recycle paper, and 57 percent recycle plastic.

A little more than half of adults recycle glass. In general, folks in the South recycle less than those in other areas, but this is especially true for certain of these things. Only fifty percent of Southerners recycle paper, less than half (46 percent) recycle plastic, and only 39 percent recycle glass.

The reasons for persons who do not recycle are really diverse. One in six say they do not recycle because the service is unavailable in their location, while 12 percent each claim it is too difficult and too expensive to recycle where they live. Eleven percent said they do not recycle because they do not feel it makes a difference, while six percent cite being too busy and five percent cite it being too challenging.

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Southerners might be more willing to recycle if it were less expensive and more accessible. One-fifth of individuals living in the South do not recycle because the service is unavailable in their region, and fourteen percent claim the cost is prohibitive.